What is therapy all about?

Therapy, or talk therapy, is a collaborative process where we explore, understand and find realistic solutions for difficulties you may be experiencing. This could include learning new coping strategies, making meaning of your situation or creating a space to think about your current difficulties differently. Most importantly, it is a safe, objective, supportive space where you can start to feel empowered about your life again.

How long does therapy last for?

This will depend on your ‘need’ for therapy. If you would like to address an isolated incident, or difficulty, short term therapy may be useful. If you are struggling with ongoing difficulties in a number of areas in your life, then a medium to longer term intervention may be indicated. The length of therapy will be discussed, and you may decide to end therapy at anytime, in which case it is useful to first talk about why you would like to discontinue the process.

How do I choose a therapist?

A correct therapeutic ‘fit’ is essential for creating a good working relationship. It may be useful to choose a therapist who seems relatable to you, and use the assessment phase to decide if you are comfortable enough to carry on working with the therapist or not. Therapy is a commitment, which requires consistent attendance. Check that your therapist’s availability in terms of opening times and location will be convenient for you and your schedule.

Does therapy work?

The short answer is yes, depending on how ready you are for change. Therapy is a collaborative experience which unfolds between yourself and the therapist. If both parties are committed to enhancing your quality of life, it works very well. At times there may obstacles preventing a successful therapeutic process. Your willingness to remain open minded and discuss what these obstacles are about can lead to a successful outcome.