Short and longterm individual psychotherapy is offered to adults, adolescents and couples with personalised treatment goals to meet your specific needs. Group therapy is a service that is offered off site on request.

Individual Psychotherapy: 
I provide a safe, non-judgemental and caring therapeutic experience which allows you to explore and understand your current difficulties. Before deciding upon a diagnosis and appropriate intervention, a detailed clinical assessment will be conducted  over two to three sessions in order to comprehensively establish your treatment needs. Once the current therapeutic goals are established, a treatment plan to manage the symptoms will be discussed. All of my interventions are personalised to suit your specific psychological needs.


Treatment for adolescents is systemic, and is most effective when caregivers actively participate in the recommended treatment planThe assessment phase will involve  interviews with caregivers to ascertain the nature of the problem, and possible contributing factors. Confidentiality with the client is an important part of treatment, and fosters a trusting relationship with the therapist. Essential feedback will be given to parents in the presence of the client, where possible.

Couples therapy:

As with individual therapy, a thorough assessment informs my understanding of the nature of the problem, and helps to determine how it can be managed. A comprehensive assessment with couples is vital to establish whether couples therapy is appropriate, or, if one or both parties need to engage in individual therapy instead. I will therefore need to meet with both parties individually first, to complete the assessment and determine suitability for therapy. If both parties agree to engage in a process of therapy together, I will have a better understanding of how their personal histories contribute to current relationship difficulties, can raise awareness accordingly, and help facilitate a process of change.

Group therapy:

Group therapy, the aim of which is to reduce personal conflict and increase self-awareness, is available to both private individuals as well as organisations. All participants who are interested in a group psychotherapy experience may first be invited to participate in an individual assessment to determine if group therapy is an appropriate ‘fit’. This ensures that a safe, confidential space is created, which consists of like-minded individuals who are interested in self-development and personal growth.

The following short and long-term group therapy services are available:

  • Psychotherapeutic groups
  • Psycho-educational groups